Special Committee Chairs

Get Involved! You may offer your support by dropping a suggestion of your interest to join a committee team. Please write your name and suggestion on a small sheet of paper then place it inside our chapter’s new suggestion box located near the audio visual table in the back of the room during the meeting. Example of a suggestion box suggestion.

“I like to help the audio visual committee team! Contact me at (555)-555-5555, my name is Jane Doe, call me on Friday evening to discuss how I may help further please”


“I’m not sure where or how I may help the chapter, but please contact me at your earliest convenience and let’s talk soon (555)-555-5555, John Smith”


Note* Suggestion box could be used in any manner you feel there is a situation that warrants change and you like to offer a viable plan or solution to bring that change to the situation for the greater good. All suggestion box will be read, reviewed, and followed up by the board. The board will approach the respective people to discuss the suggestion.



A committee is established and charged by the President, Board, or LMT Members. It serves as a vehicle for volunteers to carry out the work of the Association by considering, investigating or taking action on certain matters or subjects, or all of these as directed by the Board. Depending on its charge, committees may:

A. Create and present policy recommendations to the Board;

B. Recommend establishment of programs;

C. Monitor areas of Association interest;

D. Serve as a link between the Board and the membership;

E. Consult with officers and other committees as needed;

F. Receive input from members;

G. Provide information in their area of expertise;

H. Gather, analyze and provide information pertinent to the committee’s charge;

I. Take other action as directed by the President, Executive Committee, or Board.

Source: http://fsmta.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/MASTER-PP-revised-102711.pdf


Note* All descriptions are merely suggestions and ultimately the chair will delegate and manage how to run each committee. We encourage you to mentor a protege in the case you decide to step down from the position or wish to try a different committee in order to assure quality of the next person to take on the committee chair role. The luxury of holding fewer committee chair role has an added bonus of each chair not being pulled in so many different directions by wearing so many various hats all at once.


Jeff Brown Email: Jeff7686@hotmail.com

Works with central office and it’s attorney, Adam Levine and central’s legislative state chair, Alex Spassoff, to bring better representation with congress in Tallahassee.

Events and Sports:

David Gonzalez

Coordinates FSMTA Sports Team captains and Event directors all over Miami-Dade county. Works with the events support team to have a smooth front desk process.


Duties include but not limited to

  • Researching topics of interest for their constituencies.
  • Referring patrons to other community organizations and government offices.
  • Suggesting appropriate books (“readers’ advisory”)
  • Facilitating and promoting reading clubs.
  • Managing access to electronic information resources.
  • Answering incoming reference questions via telephone, email, and chat

Ethics and Bylaws:


Expert counselor for ethical dilemma and overseer of following the Bylaws set forth by central office.



Oversees ways to make the chapter meetings and all it’s functions more hospitable

Promotional Products:
Oversees the classified section of our website as well as new membership benefit products

Web Master:

Andres Samuel Acosta Email: dadewebmaster@fsmta.org Text anytime for faster reply: 305-898-9634

In charge of www.dade.myfsmta.org website and works with social media, photography, internet communications, publication, and other appropriate committee chairs


Renee O. Scioville

Oversees ways to increase membership and grow as a chapter

Convention Liason:


Communicates with Greg Neely throughout the year, our state Convention chair about upcoming features and news for each annual convention in Orlando during June. Works with approriate chair to keep entire chapter informed and in the loop about upcoming changes.

Educational Standards:

Renee Scioville: Email: r_scioville@yahoo.com

Works in finding us the most credible, popular, and in demand Continue Education presenters all over the nation and oversees for our monthly meetings.

Meeting/Reception/Sign in:


Assist with member’s sign in and sign out process as they walk in/out in order to facilitate awarding the 2 CE

Unlicensed/Illegal Activities:

<Anonymous due to the undercover nature of this position>

In charge of an official FSMTA Dade Chapter Unlicensed Activity email in order to receive all anonymous tips from members and anyone who reports suspicious business conducting massage outside the law. Then works with the The department’s Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) to conduct investigations that may lead to eventually shutting down illegal establishments and activities. For more information visit http://www.floridahealth.gov/newsroom/2015/08/082615-ula-arrest.html


Fabiola Castillo Gonzalez
Takes pictures or different members and presentors to help bring awareness and boost membership. Works with the Web Master to add photos to our image Gallary section

Audio/Visual System

Creates powerpoint presentations and aids the spanish speaker audio system setup with the Translator

Internet Communications: 


Helps create email blasts to all members using Constant Contact.

Marketing/Advertisement support


Helps create and print signs, posters, design apparel (t shirt, caps etc)

Community/Social Relations/Media:


Oversees our Facebook page.

Elections Chair: 


Answers questions about election by being in contact with central office about each election procedure and process. Organizes democratic debates for each board election term. Assist candidates in running for a specific board position or committee chair by referring them to the bylaws



Advises the treasurer in business related decisions. Helps all committees in coming up with fundraising ideas and suggestions



Teams up with the internet communications committee, social media committee, Massage Awareness Magazine, and webmaster to peer review and assist in any edits for grammatical errors. Monitors for copyright issues. Is in touch with local newspaper and media when releasing articles and stories to the public.

Public Relations: 


Works together with the social media committee. Continued relationship building with media outlets and relevant business organizations to promote FSMTA within the business community. Partnering with other professional associations to promote FSMTA. Assist in the cultivation of sponsorship opportunities.

Massage Awareness Magazine: 


Collaborates with publications, Photagraphy, and other committees when creating and submitting articles to Massage Awareness Magazine as well as other massage magazines


Fabiola Castillo Gonzalezo

Oversees catering of food and refreshments.. Helps the party planning committee in any culinary arrangements. Brings water and cups. Request assistances from others to move related supplies and set up for meetings.



In charge of any awards and special announcements. Can prepare special introductions and speeches for any trophies or reorganization for a member’s spotlight.

Party Planning: 


Works with Food/Refreshments and Public Relations to put together social and recreational events and activities. Teams up with the music committee


Edgardo Acosta

Oversees any music or band performances. Delegates sound clips to be used for announcement presentation



A. Each Committee Chair shall:

1. Preside at and call committee meetings.

2. Designate a committee member to take minutes.

3. Be directly responsible to the President and Board.

4. Submit quarterly reports to the Board or more frequently as requested by the President or Board.

5. Make oral reports at Board meeting as requested by the President or Board.

6. Submit a yearly operating budget proposal to the Chapter Board.

7. Submit a written annual report for the annual membership meeting.

8. Submit a final report at the end of the one (1) year term, or end of committee assignment, whichever comes first, including:

a. review of charges assigned,

b. brief explanation of how the committee carried out its work,

c. review of any recommendations to the Board which have not been acted upon,

d. review of any charges not completed, with plan for completion, and e. complete accounting of the committee’s monetary expenditures.

9. Perform all other duties described in the Bylaws, appropriate to the position, as directed by the President, Board, and prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the FSMTA and all applicable laws, and in the best interests of the FSMTA and its members.

B. The Chairs of Chapter Standing and Special Committees shall communicate and coordinate efforts with the corresponding Chairs of State Standing and Special Committees.

C. The Chairs of Chapter Standing Committees may utilize the Duties of State Standing Committee Chairs for guidelines as appropriate to the administration of the Chapter, determined by the Chapter Board, and when these duties are not in conflict.

D. The President may request the Committee Chair to provide recommendations for committee members.

E. The President shall review all committee appointments at the end of each term, or at the beginning of a new Presidency, for the purpose of re-appointment or appointment of successors.

Source: http://fsmta.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/MASTER-PP-revised-102711.pdf