Sports Massage Team

Sports Massage Therapy Team
The FSMTA created the Sports Massage Therapy Team and Sports Team Training class in keeping with their Mission and Vision Statements: “To unify the Massage Therapy Profession while creating, representing, and promoting standards of excellence in health care” and “To promote Public Awareness of Massage Therapy in Florida Through Education and Professionalism.”

To learn more about the Sports Team Training class please view the brochure listed on the bottom of the Sports Team page and call Andres Acosta. He volunteers his time to help you grow and be better.


Contact David Gonzalez

Dade Sports Team Chair


How to join



Hello, thank you for your interest in the FSMTA Dade Sports Team.

Details on joining the sports team are found at

Please like the State Facebook Page for FSMTA Sports Team by clicking here:
You can either wait until June Annual convention to take the State Sports Team Training class
you can write a check to FSMTA Dade Chapter for Sports Team training of $130 for the 8 hour mandatory CEU Class. We use a 51 page Manual with detail procedures and guidelines to run a state sponsored team. Cryoderm is our product sponsor and we can talk more soon as you join the team.
Paid by check to the treasurer (Serge Uzan  ) and he’ll provide a receipt. Keep this receipt and he’ll notify both you and David so we can compile a list of who is ready to take the class. Once we get 5 committed paid LMTs, we will have a class with David Gonzalez, State Instructor.
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